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Pet Wellness and preventive care

Boo Boo after surgery with his e-collar.

Boo Boo at home after surgery playing with his toys.

The only things we cannot prevent are cuddles and attention from our staff!

During Surgery

After Surgery

Post-op Instructions given for each patient's aftercare.

Post-surgery our vet staff continues to monitor your pet and provides warmth, checks vital signs and ensures a smooth recovery. Most smaller patients are placed in a warming incubator and given a sugary gel to ensure proper glucose levels. After recovery is complete, food, water and litter boxes are provided as needed. Throughout the day, all surgical patients are checked frequently until they are released. When it's time to check out of the animal hospital, pet owners receive post-op care instructions and any needed medications.

Before Your Pet's Surgery

Although we are a walk-in vet clinic in Jacksonville, pet surgeries need to be scheduled for an appointment.

Pet should not eat after midnight the day of their surgery.

Before most pet surgeries, Herschel Animal Clinic recommends a veterinary exam and blood tests at our animal hospital to help determine possible risk factors of anesthesia and surgery.

During anesthesia, our vet team carefully monitors blood oxygen levels, breathing and pulse rates. Each patient receives an antibiotic injection and is placed on a warming pad; some patients may also receive fluids.