Although we are a walk-in vet clinic in Jacksonville, most pet surgeries (including dental cleanings) need to be schedule for an appointment.

Pets should not eat after midnight the day of the surgery.

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After a dental cleaning, most pets will be prescribed antibiotics and pain medication as needed. Soft food may be recommended for a period of time. It is important to address your ability to provide preventive care which may include brushing teeth, dental rinses, water additives, and tartar control foods/treats. We can help you determine the best regimen for you and your pet.

What aftercare should I expect?

Most pet dental procedures involve routine teeth cleaning.

However, occasionally during the procedure it is evident that more specialized dental care will be needed in the future.

*  Because of their unique anatomy and depth, the extraction of some large molar and canine teeth usually involves additional costs and may need to be performed as a separate procedure. In addition, extraction of these teeth can pose special risks if the health of the jawbone is not evaluated first with dental x-rays. We may refer your pet to a veterinary dentistry specialist for these higher risk extractions.​

*  Surgical closure of the opening left by extraction of upper canine teeth is crucial in order to prevent a draining tract from the nasal cavity; these extractions usually require a gum flap at an additional charge.

*  Extractions of most cat teeth require dental x-rays and are referred to a veterinary dentist specialist.

The cost for a dental cleaning (excluding extractions or teeth removal) is $100 for dogs less than 50 pounds and $150 for dogs 50 pounds or more, and the procedure usually takes 45-60 minutes. Pre-dental bloodwork and IV fluids, at a nominal additional cost, are recommended but not required unless your pet is 10 years of age or older. The cost of a dental cleaning includes: general anesthesia, pulse oximetry and respiratory monitoring, a warming table, ultrasonic cleaning, a full examination of all teeth, polishing, an antimicrobial enzyme rinse, a long acting antibiotic injection, and pain medicine (if needed). Post-dental antibiotics may be prescribed at an additional fee. The cost of extractions varies according to time, depth of roots, and need for sutures and/or surgical gum flaps.

What Happens During My Pet’s Dental Cleaning?

What is Included in the Cost of a Pet's Dental Cleaning?

Is your pet experiencing bad breath or excessive drooling? Have you noticed them pawing at the mouth? Does your pet seem hesitant to eat or does chewing seem painful?

Besides just BAD BREATH, dental disease:

  • Releases bacteria in the blood stream

  • Increases risk for heart, liver and kidney disease

  • Can cause severe pain and problems for your pet

Regular professional dental cleanings:

  • Allow us to chart dental disease over time

  • Means less time under anesthesia
  • Reduces need for more advanced and expensive treatment in the future

Dental disease is THE most common disease in dogs. Recent studies show that 85% of cats and 92% of dogs over age 3 have periodontal disease.

Our veterinarians and vet team will examine to assess your pet's overall health, age, suitability for anesthesia and other aspects of preventative care. A dental cleaning can only be accomplished while the pet is under general anesthesia. The anesthesia we use is safe for animals and your pet is constantly monitored during the dental procedure.  Prior to anesthesia, blood tests are performed to help uncover any hidden illnesses or complications. The veterinarian will provide information and dental cleaning cost estimates at the time of the exam.

Why Does My Pet Need a Dental Cleaning?

Appointments required for dental cleanings.  Call 904-389-0364 to schedule. 

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