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Herschel Animal Clinic

Pet Wellness and preventive care

Dog & Cat Preventative Care & Wellness services provided by Herschel Animal Clinic include:

* Duval County Pet Registration with City of Jacksonville Pet Tag

* Pet Dentistry
* Pet Emergency & Critical Care
* Euthanasia Service
* Laboratory - Early Disease Detection
* Microchipping

* Nutrition and Diet Counseling
* Parasite Prevention and Control - Heartworm Prevention & Flea/Tick Control

* Pet Pharmacy & Pet Supplies - In the Clinic and Online
* Preventative Care & Wellness Exams
* Puppy and Kitten Care
* Senior Pet Care
* Surgery
* Vaccinations

Appointments REQUIRED for surgeries - both dog & cat  - including dental cleanings, spay/neuter and declaw.  Call 904-389-0364 to schedule.

Client must provide written proof of patient's current rabies vaccine, or consent to the administration of one, to be seen by a vet. Appointments PREFERRED - walk-ins accepted if time available.